Rivalries: Gloucester VS Bath

Gloucester is one of the main rivals of the Bath Rugby team. Let’s see what this rugby club is. Gloucester Rugby or basically “Gloucester”: an English expert rugby club from a similar city that plays in the Premier League. The group, established in 1873, likewise takes an interest in the Anglo-Welsh Cup and the EPCR European Championship. The amusements at home are done by the group at Kingsholme Stadium, which has a limit with respect to in excess of 16,000 observers. The group never turned into a hero of the nation, despite the fact that it played multiple times in the finals of the playoffs. In 2006 and 2015, Gloucester met with the second renowned European trophy, the Challenge Cup. Also, the club won the Anglo-Welsh Cup multiple times.

The customary shades of the group are white and red, making the moniker “cherry and white” amidst the fans and in the media behind “Gloucester”. The principle adversaries of the club are Bath and Bristol”. The matches between these clubs are called Derby West Country. The team ranked first in the 2006/2007 regular season. The second place was Leicester also had 71 points, but the Gloucester was higher due to more victories. The rugby players have shown themselves well in the European arena, demonstrating a high-quality match against opponents such as Lewsters and Edinburgh. However, in the draw for the Heineken Cup, the team did not even beat the group stage. The first round of the English playoffs ended with a victory for Ryan’s pupils: Gloucester defeated Saracens (50-9) in Kinshholm. In the final, there were two best clubs in the regular championship, this time the clear advantage was owned by Leicester, who won with a score of 44-16. Once again, the Gloucester championship ambitions suffered through the playoffs.

For the 2007/08 season, the team arrived in the Premier League favorite range. The start of the championship team has been successful, “Gloucester” won in the first five games, conceding “London Ayrys” on the way out. That year, Ryan mobilized resources for successful performance in Europe. But despite the victory in the group, the club has completed the campaign in the quarterfinals, losing “Munster”. Concentrating on the internal struggle, the team overcame the crisis that occurred in the middle of the season. Gloucester has won several important matches, including a meeting with the Ups. For the first time in 18 years, rugby players were stronger than Os in London. The athletes managed to lead the tournament table for the second consecutive time based on a regular championship. In the semifinals, “Gloucester” would meet with the criminals of last year: “Tigers”. Unfortunately, the Western fans, the result of the match was similar, although the gap in the account was not so great (25-26). Leicester became the first club in the history of the Premier League, which managed to win the semifinal at the start.

Bath and Gloucester have not done without clarifying the relationship

Gloucester VS Bath is very famous opposition. The confrontation of these two teams is famous around the world. Let’s look at one match, which took place in 2012 and left its mark on the history of these rivals. Gloucester beat away Bass with a score of 14-11 in the match, which became another classic West Country derby. The victory was brought by the young player Ryan Mills, who scored a penalty at the end of the meeting. Fighting irreconcilable tone of the fight was set already in the second minute, when as a result of the fight, one player from each of the teams was sent from the field. After the scrum, Jim Hamilton and Ryan Caldwell exchanged a few words, and the verbal squabble quickly shifted to the physical.

Other enemies: Bath continued to smash the authorities

Also, the season of 2014 became significant. In it, Bat defeated many rivals and defeated their competitors, with whom they have been fighting for many years.  After the defeat of Lester, the Bass team lost to Northampton, but in the next round, they beat Saracens with a score of 21-11 – and so the calendar threw a real challenge to the players of Bass, but they accepted it and passed this test with honor. England coach will have to turn his attention to Jonathan Joseph and Kyle Eastmond, and call them to international matches in November. The next day, Lester suffered another defeat, losing to Gloucester, the champions of Northampton defeated London Irish with difficulty, and Harlekins dealt with another London club Welsh without any problems.

At the same time, Bath made a real hunt for tigers from Leicester

The club called Bass gave a terrific match, literally destroying one of the best teams in England in recent years, Leicester with a score of 45-0. In the end, the owners turned out to be five drifts, and Ford scored eight more goals. Saracens also faced difficulties in the match against London Irish, but still managed to snatch victory thanks to a skid Winnie Vunipola in the very end of the match. Another ex-champion of Harlequins managed to recover from a devastating defeat by Saracens in the last round, and beat Wasps with a score of 26-23. After this victory, Queens purchased the goods for table tennis and went to rest in a ping-pong club in London. Well, Northampton beat Newcastle with a score of 35-10, and thanks to the drift of George North in the last minutes the Saints scored five points.

Last Championship: the standoff of the leaders in England and a rich tour in France

In the main tournament of the Southern Hemisphere, the last round of the Rugby Championship of last season passed, after which everything finally fell into place, although in fact nothing important was decided at all. The first match was a duel in South Africa, where the “Springbox” took the All Blacks. Frankly, there was little hope for an intriguing and double-edged drama match. Both the hosts and guests are to blame for this, but each is for his personal reasons alone, because they are in search of themselves and their game, others are damn good. Against this background, the first half of the match could not fail to impress – surprisingly, the teams were beating approximately equally, and at some point even hoped that it would continue like this, but during the break, it was still remembered how the New Zealanders played half the second, in fact simply destroying their rivals. Before this fight in the framework of the Rugby Championship, they got up in four out of five games. And the second game segment of the match in Durban was no exception. The truth is such agility, which showed Steve Hansen’s wards, they did not show even once in the course of the tournament, earning 45 points in 36 minutes and having achieved their biggest victory in this draw – 57:15! As a result, New Zealand effortlessly figured out with all its rivals, the Rugby Championship, and, it seems, the entire rugby world.

If we talk about England and its representatives, the Bath Rugby distinguished them this season. Although, apart from our team, their rivals also made a lot of sense, which made the path to success difficult for those players we are talking about. First of all, it is worth noting the central match of the tour and so far the entire championship, in which the London giants – Saracens and Wasps met. It was such a fight: a multiple champion against a non-losing leader. The best defense is the best attack. Great! To say for sure who will win a duel with such a stunning poster is almost impossible – “wasps”, we remind you, won all 5 starting matches of the season.

When one of others gains momentum, wins one after the other, becomes the leader and gives an impressionable series, they start talking about it as a potential claimant to the title. It’s unavoidable. However, to test their ambitions such a team needs a strong contender. In the case of the Wasps, they needed the Saracens. And it was “Serris” in the in-person match that showed a good master class to their neighbors in how to win the “big” games. Mark McColl’s wards showed the best and greatest balance in the game, which helped them to defend well and at the same time bring 4 attempts that allowed them to win a bonus and, more importantly, a convincing victory in the game with a score of 30:14. Now back to our Bath Rugby favorites. Of the remaining matches, we will single out another victory lost by Gloucester, when they led the match with Exeter at 27:14, but missed 2 attempts and a penalty for 10 final minutes, which led to a draw, a convincing home victory for Bath (30: 3 over “Sail”), who seems to be seriously aiming for a place in the playoffs, as well as a record defeat for “Worcester”, who has lost in guest games with “Leicester” for 111 years! The figure is beautiful, but for the sake of fairness, we note that for such a period, the teams played only 14 matches on “Welford Road”.